Our Current Catalogue

Margaret Aho
The Only Light We Read By

Sherman Alexie
Dangerous Astronomy

Sandy Anderson
Jeanne Was Once
a Player of Pianos

Glenn Balch
Christmas Horse

David Beisley-Guiotto
Sawtooth Country

Kenneth W. Brewer
Small Scenes

Spaces Both Infinite and Eternal
B. J. Buckley

Spaces Both Infinite and Eternal

Hayden Carruth
Faxes to William

Chris Dempsey
Winter Horses

Edward Dorn
Chemo Sabe
Jennifer Dunbar Dorn
Galactic Runaway

Bruce Embree
Beneath the Chickenshit
Mormon Sun


Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The Street's Kiss

Gary Gildner
The Birthday Party

Gary Gildner
The Swing






Allen Ginsberg
Mind Writing Slogans

Driving the Tender Desert Home


Shaun T. Griffin
Driving the Tender Desert Home

Gerald Grimmett
The Ferry Woman


Chuck Guilford
What Counts

John Haines
Of Your Passage, O Summer


Byron Johnson -- Poetic Johnson

Byron Johnson
Poetic Justice


dogwoodWilliam Johnson


Greg Keeler
A Mirror to the Safe
Waltzing With the Captain by Greg Keeler
Greg Keeler
Waltzing With the Captain

Almost Happy by Greg Keeler
Greg Keeler
Almost Happy

Alex Kuo
This Fierce Geography

Alan Minskoff
Blue Ink Runs Out
on a Partly Cloudy Day

Point Blank, The DJ Poems by Alan Minskoff
Alan Minskoff
Pioint Blank, The DJ Poems


Ray Obermayr
Too Much Is Just Enough


Ray Obermayr
Time's Up





John Rember
Coyote in the Mountains


Judith Root
Free Will and the River


Edward Sanders
This Morning's Joy

Gino Sky
Hallelujah 2 Groundhogs & 16 Valentines


Gino Sky
Wild Dog Days

Gary Snyder,Wendell Berry, and Carol Koda

Three on Community

Rosalie Sorrels

An Imaginary Christmas in Idaho

Kim Stafford
Prairie Prescription

Nancy Stringfellow
Report From Grimes Creek

After a Hard Winter

William Studebaker
Passions We Desire

Ford Swetnam
Offer the Cup to a Friend

juniperNancy Takacs


John Updike
Not Cancelled Yet

GHOST in the Bloody Show
Martin Vest
GHOST in the Bloody Show

Keith Wilson


Keith Wilson
Night and Its Secret Songs

Robert Wrigley

I Ask the Stars to Bring Me Home Again by Harald Wyndham
Harald Wyndham
I Ask the Stars to Bring Me Home Again



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