Hand Set Type

"Although I don’t search the market for beautiful, hand-sewn books, if there are any more beautifully made books at this price, you should buy all of them too . . . Exquisite choice of type face, multiple-colored covers and inking, a wide range of end and text papers, make these books excellent choices for thoughtful giving. They belong in every serious collection."

--Charles Potts, The Temple

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Limberlost Press is dedicated to publishing finely printed books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction by both established and emerging writers. We feel that fine work deserves to be presented and preserved on fine papers.Our poetry chapbooks are letterpress printed on archival-quality papers and sewn by hand into limited editions for collectors and other discerning readers. We want our readers to collect these books as heirlooms to pass along to the next generation.

Occasionally, however, we publish books of longer length (stories, memoirs, and novels) via offset methods, and in 1999, we issued our first CD.

Rick With Type

Limberlost Press began in the spring of 1976 with the publication of The Limberlost Review, No. 1, a magazine of poetry. The first issues of the magazine were quick-printed, collated, folded, and stapled and distributed like many other small press magazines of the 1960s and 1970s. In 1986, we winched a couple of Chandler & Price platen presses into our garage and began to set and print the books on our own.

Rosemary Sewing a Book

Over the years, the press has published books and broadsides by such writers as Allen Ginsberg, Sherman Alexie, Anne Waldman, Ed Dorn, Gary Snyder, John Haines, Gary Gildner, Robert Creeley, Keith Wilson, Hayden Carruth, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and others. We’ve made a commitment to writers from the Intermountain West by publishing works by William Studebaker, Sandy Anderson, Margaret Aho, Ray Obermayr, Chris Dempsey, Nancy Stringfellow, John Rember, Gerald Grimmett, David Beisley-Guiotto, Greg Keeler, Joy Passanante, Alex Kuo, Gino Sky, and others.