What Counts

by Chuck Guilford

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What Counts

Chuck Guilford
is the author of Spring Drive: A North Country Tale, Altogether Now: Essays on Poetry Writing, and Teaching, and Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. He taught literature and creative writing at Boise State University for 23 years and founded BSU’s Idaho Writers Archive. He is the creator of two writing websites, Paradigm Online Writing Assistant and poetryexpress.org. Chuck Guilford

His poems, short stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, including Poetry, Kansas Quarterly, Coyote’s Journal, College English, Weber Studies, Redneck Review of Literature, Crab Creek Review, Inland, and many other magazines and literary journals. He is also a winner of the Western Literature Association's Willa Cather Memorial Award (the Willa Pilla). Visit his newest website For This Life.

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