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The Limberlost Review

A Literary Journal of the Mountain West

(2020 Edition)

Edited by Rick & Rosemary Ardinger


Limberlost Press announces publication of The Limberlost Review: A Literary Journal of the Mountain West (2020 Edition) edited by Rick and Rosemary Ardinger. The new 360-page literary annual carries on the spirit of a literary journal begun in the 1970s and 1980s that was revived in 2019 to feature more poetry, fiction, essays, artwork, and other personal writing by some award-winning contributors.

“The reception of the Limberlost Review in 2019 was so gratifying, and this new 2020 Edition, at 360 pages, was an adventure to pull together,” says Rick Ardinger in the Introduction.  “This edition features work by veteran writers and new voices, and the artwork within by seven amazing artists and a gallery spread by an award-winning photographer elevates the entire volume you hold in your hands.”

The 2020 Edition features:

  • Poetry by Ed Sanders, Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, David Lee, Robert DeMott, Ron McFarland, Judith Root, Chuck Guilford, Howard Wilkerson, E. Ethelbert Miller, Annie Lampman, O. Alan Weltzien, John Garmon, Charlotte Mears, Kim Stafford, Gerald Costanzo, Danielle Beaser Dubrasky, Sherman Alexie, Jim Heynen, Kirsten Porter, Sandy Anderson, Shaun T. Griffin, and Ron Padgett

  • Fiction by Judith Freeman, John Rember, David Guiotto, Gary Gildner, Bob Bushnell, Jim Heynen, Jay Johnson, Leslie Ann Leek, and Gino Sky;

  • Essays/Nonfiction by Mary Clearman Blew, Mike Medberry, Tom Rea, Alessandro Meregaglia, and Vardis Fisher;

  • Re-Readings of books by Mari Sandoz, William Faulkner, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Maclean, John O’Hara, and Robert Laxalt written by Marc C. Johnson, Michael Corrigan, Hank Nuwer, William Johnson, Grove Koger, and Cameron Watson respectively

  • An Interview with Gino Sky;

  • A Galley of photographs by Glenn Oakley; and

  • Artwork by Nancy Brossman, Royden Card, Jinny DeFoggi, Dennis DeFoggi, Greg Keeler, Alberta Mayo, and Ray Obermayr


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